“The Shop” in Troy

Located in what was formerly a hardware store, The Shop is a rustic-chic, funky, upbeat restaurant in Troy, NY offering craft cocktails and refined New American small plates with various vegan selections including specials, salads, sides, and sandwiches. Menu offerings at The Shop fall into eight categories: non-veg, fusion, wine/beer, western, international, Ovo, Lacto, and vegan-friendly. The Shop is mostly associated with vegan-friendly options. Some of the vegan options offered at the restaurant include basmati rice, fried plantains, sweet potato steak fries, vegan charcuterie sandwich, the 44th street seitan, and the quinoa salad.

The Shop offers an extensive menu selection including beverages, brunch breakfast, brunch sides, brunch salads, lunch, appetizers, greens, bowls, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts.

The Shop in Troy, NY boasts a wonderful selection of reasonably priced drinks all below the $5 mark. Some of the most popular drinks at The Shop include Coca-Cola, grapefruits Jarritos, and mango Jarritos, all of which go for $2.25 and are made using real Mexican sugar. The Independent breweries company’s root beer goes for $2.25 and is made with real American sugar. Boylan soda goes for $2.25 and comes in a twelve-ounce glass bottle. The Jarritos soda also comes in a twelve-ounce glass bottle and goes for the same price.

If you are feeling very thirsty then the $3.50 Sprecher root beer might just quench your thirst. This beer is made using natural ingredients and comes in a sixteen ounce bottle. It is quite appealing to the palate and just enough to quench your thirst. Another special drink worth considering is the Manhattan soda which cost $2.50. The Manhattan soda is made in Brooklyn by a family-owned enterprise. The sodas are made in small batches of ten ounce glass bottles using natural ingredients and are flavored using real juice.

If you’d like to try an inexpensive drink then Dr. Brown’s soda is your best bet. This beverage comes in a twelve-ounce can and only costs $1.75. Fancy something a little bit exotic? Bundaberg beer is for you. This unique ginger beer goes for $3.50 and is imported straight from Australia. Another ginger beer on offer is Gosling’s ginger beer which is relatively inexpensive and goes for $2.25.

Other beverages offered at The Shop include the $2 Spindrift bottled water which is made in Waltham Mass and features unsweetened bottled water with a natural fruit juice flavor, Evian bottled water, Aqua ViTea, and San Pellegrino.

Brunch Breakfast
The Shop in Troy, NY also boasts a delightful selection of dishes in their brunch breakfast menu. one of the most popular selections on the brunch breakfast menu is the southern-inspired breakfast. This selection goes for $12 and features sausage gravy atop delicious-baked buttermilk biscuits, poached eggs, and potato wedge fries. The Farmers rarebit is also quite popular at The Shop. It goes for $12 and features pan-roasted tomato, confit, mustard greens, sauteed spinach, cheddar rarebit sauce, stout, toasted home-style rye bread, and fried eggs.

The standby selection goes for $10 and features challah toast, vegan seitan, potato wedges, merguez sausage patty, slab bacon, and two eggs made in a style of your choice. The French twist selection offers an equally exciting adventure. This selection goes for $10 and features merguez patty, potato wedges, house-cured slab bacon of your choice, home fries, two eggs in a style of a choice, and creme brulee buttered French toast. The Korean stew selection goes for $11 and features poached eggs, kimchi broth, ginger, Napa, cabbage, and hot Korean stew.